Women’s Concealed Carry Tips

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Speak of the most extraordinary things you can find on women, and it will amaze you the number of items women conceal on their bodies. Some stash money in their bras, while some put makeup items in their purses depending on their mood or the occasion. And a couple of other things they always carry with them.
Giving tips about concealed carry for women might sound trivial, but in reality, it gets very overwhelming along the line. You have to be well aware before undertaking a secret carry project.
There are a lot of things to master as a concealed carrier. In addition to learning the nitty-gritty involved, there’s to note that state and federal laws are guiding the right to become a concealed carrier.
The following are essential concealed carry tips for women;

●       Get some training
There is a first time for everything, and if this is your first time using a concealed carry or you haven’t, you don’t have to fret. Getting adequate training should be the first thing you do.
You can undergo beginners courses and introductory gun safety courses; the trainers will gladly train you on all you need to know about gun handling and safety precautions. You can add practical courses to them when you finish the basics.
Of course, there’s no point in learning the basics if you can’t aim properly and use concealed carry effectively.
Also, you get to learn how to shoot and defend yourself at safe distances, draw from holsters, and other handy skills. Furthermore, understanding the legal implications of self-defense is as essential as self-defense itself. It is so you don’t end up becoming like your assailants since you wish to defend yourself.
Once you’re able to come to terms with this tip, you’ll be off to a great start on your concealed carry journey!

●       Get the proper concealed carry
Women are known to conceal things well over time. But doing the same for a concealed carry won’t be a walk in the park. This is why getting the proper concealed carry is also essential. You have to ensure you pick a handgun that fits your hand size well.
Similarly, you have to train with it to get accustomed to its properties and peculiarities, as the case may be. Try to under their recoil action; some large firearms have complex controls and might not fit even though it’s easier to use.
So when you choose the model of concealed carry you’ll buy, you have to select the one that suits you best, ranging from their safety measures to proper handling!

●       Get your gun tested before you purchase
As trivial as this might seem, it is essential to try your carry gun out before finally purchasing.
You can’t trust all you read on the product manual. While trying it out, pay attention to every detail. Your training instincts come into play here, and you’ll find out if it fits you well and if it’ll make a great concealed carry for you.
❖      How fast does it recoil?
❖      Is the sighting okay?
❖      Can you place the targets well?
❖      Can you point out your rounds?
❖      Did you try more than one model of a handgun?
If you can answer the above questions, you can conclude you made a great concealed carry buy.

●       Get a safe storage
As a woman with a concealed carry surrounded by loved ones or friends, especially if there are little ones at home, it is advisable to get a means of safe storage for your handgun. You can choose places out of reach of those around you or probably somewhere you have complete access.
Also, when not in use, try to unload before safekeeping. Furthermore, it should be where you can have quick and easy access since no one knows when it might come in handy even while indoors.
●       Get a well-concealed carry holster
Women are not left out in their share of acquiring a well-concealed carry holster as these come with various specifications and designs. When selecting a well-concealed carry holster, you should look out for the ones that ensure your safety and retain the weapon firmly in the holster.
You should draw from the holster with ease and be comfortable when you put it on. Also, you should ensure you test it before acquisition. It is always difficult to return if the pattern doesn’t suit your style after using it for a while.
There are special concealed carry holsters for pregnant women, so they are also together on this journey, and they will be safe.

●       Get lots of practice with your gun and holster.
When you practice with your gear, you’ll discover the difference and progress made from your basic training up till this moment.
Practice, they say, makes perfect if you carry a concealed weapon without frequent training. The skills gained are bound to wear off, leaving you at a disadvantage when the need arises.
Practicing with your concealed carry and your holster helps you draw and replace your gun in quick succession and get the nip of it.
Accuracy and Efficiency are the two watchwords in carrying a concealed weapon. Without these two, you’d be equal to any woman without a concealed carry. Imagine aiming at your assailant and missing the target. It will not end well. You have to be faster and better than them at all times.
You stand a lot to gain if you keep to this particular tip; in the end, you won’t just be saving yourself but also your loved ones and family.You can also practice self-defense tactics with your family and develop catchphrases that you will use if accosted by a criminal.


Finally, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and the day you decide to enroll in a personal protection program, you have taken your first decisive step. The rest will fall in with time. It will also be great to inform your loved ones of the decision you have also taken to prepare their minds. You can also ask questions from other women who have experienced the same journey as you, and they’ll be too pleased to assist. It wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but with these few essential tips in hand, you’ll be fully equipped to go through the journey of concealed carry!

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